Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to increase traffic with comment


Can we get the traffic through the comments on the blog? The answer is Yes! but it requires some smart tips on how to increase traffic through the comment. Before that, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of increasing traffic through the comment.
The benefits are

1) Comments would be a lot of backlinks to your blog if you know how to use the opportunities available.

2) Increase the page rank of it work? if you leave a comment on a blog that has a high page rank, it is likely to increase page rank blog quickly.

3) Traffic will remain a long time as long as your comments are not deleted and havevisitors who are reading your comments.

4) Bring consistent traffic to your blog

The disadvantage of getting traffic through comments

1) You need a long time to visit each blog to leave a comment.

2) There are some blogs do not provide a comment.

3) There are some blogs require the approval of the blog owner before your comments are published.

4) Your comments risked being perceived as spam.

Here are some tips as guide line to increase traffic with comment
1) Put the name as your blog title for example "Free hot traffic" the title will encourage them to click on your link or come to your blog. wordpress is the most powerful place to leave a comment

2) Only leave a comment on blog that have same niche with your blog. if your blog about traffic and leave a comment to blog that have same niche or concept with you

3) Find as much as possible a blog that have high page rank and leave comment there..

4) Don not spam when comment.

5) leave a good comment for example
"thank for sharing very good tips.. i have use some of your tips and my blog perform batter than usually"

6) you need to be more creative as much as possible.

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